DOM Edizioni

A Distinctive and authoritative beauty, strictly made In Italy

When even furniture has a soul –

Luxury, calm and voluptuousness: the formula made famous by Baudelaire and Matisse sums up DOM Edizioni's view of beauty and living spaces. The purity of forms, a patient attention to detail and a vocation to innovate guide the celebration that DOM Edizioni makes of the special Italian attitude for a balanced taste but with a strong character.

Founded in 2011 by Domenico Mula, the maison operates from its two headquarters in Cesena and Milan. The space in Cesena is located in the frame of a magnificent deconsecrated church, a suggestive and enchanting environment. While the Milanese showroom is a refined apartment in the area of the Fashion District, a real reference point always available to architects and interior designers.

The second generation is already growing in the Company: the two sons of the Art Director. Ludovica in the role of chief designer and brand strategist; Filippo to direct the commercial management in Italy and UAE. Today they trace the future path of DOM Edizioni with Domenico Mula.

Domenico Mula’s creative research starts from a meticulous investigation of the raison d’être of an object, and a vision of the contexts that will accommodate it. The exploration of forms combines knowledge of the historical basis of furnishing, supported by an intimate familiarity with archives and great design traditions. A unique sensitivity for a distinctive and authoritative beauty is the key ingredient that completes the formula.

The forms of an imperturbable elegance

The know-how of the best craftsmen supports creativity. The collections are entirely made in Italy, where those who work the materials have an unparalleled ability to make the most of their characteristics.

Each piece of furniture is part of a coherent perspective, marked by an intense and relaxed sense of pleasure. DOM Edizioni brings to residential spaces, hotels and yachts an authentic luxury without ostentation: calm and voluptuous.

Between superb cabinets and versatile sofas, a selection of high craftsmanship furniture creates comfortable environments full of character, in the sign of balance.

Cabinets & Bookcases

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Tables & Consoles

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Armchairs & Sofas



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