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Endless solutions for bespoke kitchens

A choice of sophisticated and high-performance appliances

“At Officine Gullo we create products that can be updated and improved, but never destroyed or forsaken. We work and design for modern living and for the antiques of tomorrow. Every element provides resilience, beauty and prestige derived from the materials used. In every creation, Florentine traditions are blended with meticulous research into function and beauty: we refine the steel structures of our cooking ranges with elements in hand-hammered brass, copper, high-thickness galvanic finishes and engraving, in the same way that artisans in Florence have forged metal for centuries, crafting unique works of art. We are proud to add our name to everything that comes from our workshops, safe in the knowledge that this name will stand the test of time together with our creations.» Carmelo Gullo

A gift for the future generations: the antiques of tomorrow

Because of the hardwearing and prized materials with which they are crafted, Officine Gullo kitchens are expertly made to withstand wear and tear over time. While the average lifespan of a kitchen ranges between ten and fifteen years, Officine Gullo kitchens are designed to last forever. Purchasing a Officine Gullo kitchen isn’t something you just do for yourself; it’s for your children and grandchildren too. It is an investment in the future, a leap of faith in the centuries to come.

Bringing style to the kitchen

“A restaurant at home” means that sophisticated technology for professional use merges with distinctive detailed design which drives the kitchen aesthetic.

Officine Gullo designs and crafts kitchens for Michelin-starred restaurants such as Belmond Hotel Cipriani in Venice; The Four Seasons Florence helmed by Vito Mollica; the Probka restaurant chain with Aram Mnatsakanov in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev; Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s Villa Crespi and Antonello Sardi’s Virtuoso Restaurant. Over the years, the company has developed lasting relationships with these leading chefs, incorporating their recommendations into products and honing innovative cooking methods.

Noble metals only

Fine materials with superlative properties based on time-honored traditions are selected and handcrafted in thicknesses that vary between 3 and 7 mm, resulting in timeless and beguiling creations.

Copper is the oldest of materials and has remarkable properties: it is natural, hardy, anti-bacterial, light, extremely malleable, and easy to work with. Stainless steel has the greatest visual impact on the kitchen. A symbol of strength and modernity, it remains unchanged over time, withstanding high temperatures while still being practical for daily use. Used for centuries in art, brass is known for its ductility, malleability, and resistance to corrosion. Due to its colour and nuance, brass brings warmth to surroundings and can be easily matched with any style, from the more classical to the contemporary.

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