Luxury fitness equipment products unique and timeless

PENT. is not just a fitness equipment, but also a beautiful piece of furniture.

PENT. has everything an exclusive home and a Personal studio should have – perfect angle, curve and exclusive stainless steel finish. The oiled walnut provides a firm grip and is very hygienic, with no harmful substances being passed on to the user when they perspire.

PENT. luxury accessories are dedicated to individual use in a private home gym and trainers in a personal fitness studio but you can also use them to great effect in luxury spa and a hotel gym as well.

PENT. was established in 2011, on the base of experience and know-how gained in previous years as a supplier of fitness solutions for professional fitness clubs.

PENT. is a family company belonging to, among others Marcin Raczek and Jagoda Markowska-Raczek. An equal or maybe even greater contribution to the company is made by a very trusted and specialized team of passionate people who have created probably the best and largest fitness equipment for home and hotel gyms. It can therefore be said that all the credit goes to the entire team, and the founders only enabled the dream to become a real product that delighted customers all over the world.

The main assumption that guided the creator of the brand from the beginning was to create fitness equipment that would be a designer piece of furniture and a timeless work of art. Fitness equipment devoid of electronics, made of the best and precious materials, which not only won’t depreciate over years, but will even gain in value as a product that is the crowning achievement of the highest art of craftsmanship and design.

From the very beginning, the main initiator and founder (Marcin Raczek) believed that in the coming years, demanding customers will expect something more than just ordinary fitness equipment. They will be looking for beautiful things with which they will also be able to surround themselves in their private fitness zone.

PENT. is proud of manufacturing bespoke products, that have a timeless and modern edge, with each piece crafted using high-end materials and ergonomic designs. The entire production process is performed in-house in Poland. All product components are made by hand, and where it is impossible, the elements are made on the most modern CNC machines.

The luxury fitness equipment is made of European walnut, stainless steel, leather and stone - with PENT. taking months to test out and perfect each.

In addition to being visually appealing, the use of these materials gives the products a hygienic exterior, that's also comfortable to hold. As PENT. expands its collection, it stays true to its focus on offering its consumers, the best in fitness equipment by employing a strong attention to detail and taking the time to address each client's specific needs.

Are you a devoted fitness lover and a design addict? Well, look no further than PENT., the equipment brand that ticks all the boxes, providing customized equipment that suits the consumer's athletic and aesthetic needs.







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