Italian tailor made leather excellence

Luxury is a state of mind

The luxury of being able to create and experiment is one that Pinetti values highly. At Pinetti, unique products are born, products that encapsulate an authentic, exclusive experience both in their essence and through their design. Luxury is exclusive because it is special; it represents the materialisation of original ideas and techniques that go beyond the ordinary, posing no limits to creativity.

Pinetti has its own, clearly defined and recognisable look. Its products are created even for top luxury brands from fashion to interior design. They take the Pinetti brand into the daily world of five-star hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, and prestigious residences, yachts and private jets.

On-demand production
between tradition and innovation

When Italian artisanship is amended by the precision of avant-garde technologies, the results become remarkable. From the specific choosing of raw materials to the final touches, everything concurs to the materialization of a unique product, incomparable. Excelling thanks to the quality of the materials used leather, wood, paper, eco leather and metal are derived from Italy, sourced and produced in ethical and sustainable ways. Every collection is conceived and developed under the eyes of skillful experts so as to maintain control in every phase of the creative process; from the first sketches on paper to the cut of the leather, from the insight to the product’s form.

Made-to-measure technology, combined with computerised processes, ensure Pinetti is able to satisfy each and every request, guarantee complete flexibility when it comes to prototyping and creating new products, and take care of even the finest details.

Enjoy your time with style

Pinetti permeates into every room and accompanies you throughout the day, with coordinating products that accurately interpret customer need and skilfully convey what makes every space unique.

Today, the company is celebrating 40 years in business. The extensive experience it has matured over the years makes Pinetti a truly exclusive partner for some of the most important and prestigious international interior design studios, shipyards, hotel chains and fashion brands.

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