Giro ashtray

Additional information

ARI 037 - calfskin suede shagreen printed. Waterproof and scratch proof. Suitable for decorative items, tableware, bathroom accessories, board games and desk set.

FIRENZE 061 - soft touch and woven printed nappa calfskin leather. Slightly resistant to water and scratches. Suitable for decorative items, desk sets, bathroom and tableware accessories.

LIVERPOOL 029 - grained printed calfskin leather, highly scratch proof and waterproof. Recommended for products that are heavily used such as tableware and bathroom accessories.

Please mind that leather colours may slightly change depending on the dye lot. Due to this, we kindly remind that colours are to be considered as an indication.

To preserve the technical and aesthetic qualities of the products for a long time, it is important to treat them correctly.

Clean your leather product with a damp cloth without scratching, don’t soak any of your products in water or soap.

Avoid stains from certain foods and liquids, such as: wine, chili, oil, saffron, curry, berries, pomegranate as they may result in permanent damage, if not removed immediately. Be extra careful with lighter leather colours.

Do not place hot items, on your product.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for longer periods of time, as this may harm the leather structure of your product.

Make sure to place your leather products on dry and plain surfaces only.

Handmade for you in 6-12 weeks. Delivery in 7-14 days.