WEICH Couture Alpaca

Natural and sustainable luxury. Traditional Peruvian craftsmanship combined with a German promise of quality. Find out more about the special story behind the start-up WEICH Couture Alpaca.

“Our interpretation of luxury is the promise that each of our products will take you back on our journey”

In 2009, when 16-year-old Jannik Weich fell in love with the natural beauty and unique tenderness of sustainable alpaca fibers during a scholar exchange in Peru. The first touch seducted him so much that in 2017 he and his college friend David Kuttschruetter traveled to Peru to personally select the perfect manufactory sites for WEICH Couture Alpaca in line with company's values. In addition to the goal of producing valuable and sustainable textiles meeting the highest quality standards, the respectful and species-appropriate treatment of the alpacas and the preservation of their natural habitat have the highest priority for WEICH.

WEICH Couture Alpaca stands for quiet, natural and long-lasting luxury.

Alpacas are extremely valuable animals. Their wool is an exquisite raw material and a noble gift from nature. A life expectancy of 15 to 20 years makes the shearing of the animals far more profitable for the alpaca farmers over their entire lifetime than the individual fur. Similar to a sheep, the alpaca is sheared once a year and the fur is obtained as a by-product of the wool and meat industry. This can come, for example, from animals that have died naturally due to their age or the harsh climatic conditions in the highlands of the Andes, or be obtained as a waste product from the meat industry. In both cases, the idea of full recycling is well thought out. Enjoy natural and sustainable luxury with ethically sourced products.

Alpacas, Vicunja pacos, belong to the camel family. There are two types of Alpacas: the Huacaya, with its fine, dense and fluffy fiber, and the Suri, with its loose, shiny and particularly silky fiber. Originally, the alpaca fiber was valued by the royal families of the Incas for its shine, durability and, above all, its incomparable softness.

Alpaca is also famous for its unique thermal properties, which enable direct heat storage in cold temperatures. Since alpaca contains hardly any lanolin (wool fat), the fiber is ideal for allergy sufferers and even the most sensitive skin types.

As one of the rarest, highest quality and most valuable natural fibers in the world, alpaca is increasingly regarded as a qualitatively equal but more sustainable alternative to the widespread cashmere, since the pastureland of alpacas, in contrast to that of cashmere goats, can be reused.

WEICH Couture Alpaca combines the rich history of alpaca fur in Peruvian ancestral culture with exquisite craftsmanship and German commitment to quality. WEICH's producers and manufactories are specialized exclusively in alpaca fur or wool. This allows to ensure exclusive access to the highest quality levels: Royal and Ultrafine Alpaca. Since they are processed using traditional craftsmanship, fur products always guarantee to be a particularly high-quality, unique specimen.

“Alpaca is increasingly recognized as a more sustainable alternative to cashmere with equal quality levels”

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